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Making, Photography & Art by Phil Scarlett

This was a challenge! Turning a punky, porous and rotten bowl from Plum wood I'd rough turned this Plum about a year ago and could wait to get one of the bowls finished so here it is, we get to do the first one together :) Remember this isn't a woodturning tutorial, loads of better wood turners on YouTube than me offering some great advice.

Woodturning a punky, porous spalted Beech bowl. Three days to complete this bowl, this wood was so porous but I loved watching the spalting jump out! Hope you enjoy and make it to the end and don't miss the stills of what has turned out to be one of my favourite bowls I've turned.

Turning a bowl and colouring using Hampshire Sheen Intrinsic Colours and the New Purple Electric Embellishing Wax Love using these colours so this little video will show you how I use them, my way might be different to how other people use them but it works for me!

The Tree of Life - Free Style This is an easy beginners project which just as long as you get the proportions just about right you can free style as much as you like! How many faces can you see in the tree??

Can I make something out of scrap 3x2 Pine firewood?? Well kind of, one of the most frustrating projects I've done! Sort of turned out ok in the end so stick with it until the end. Remember this isn't a tutorial, loads of better wood turners on YouTube than me offering some great advise.

Little Midnight Bowl coloured with Hampshire Sheen Intrinsic Colours. Small little project made from Tulip Wood Please don't forget to show your support by subscribing, liking and sharing! Check out the links below: All music paid for and copyrighted.

Woodturning, carving and burning the Fire Bowl. Looks a little like a 1980's boy races car / dragster! Colouring used is Hampshire Sheen Intrinsic Range Chestnut Products for the sanding sealer and gloss spray Never forget the Yorkshire Grit! Please don't forget to show your support by subscribing, liking and sharing!

Making a Magic (Well maybe) Wizards Wand! Great fun making this, lots of different techniques to be used. Tried to make it look quite old, worn and as if it was made from two different pieces of wood with the use of colours. Harry Potter anyone!

First attempt at using Chestnut Products iridescent paints and it won't be the last! Please hit the subscribe button and give me a like if you do!

Why throw away old Christmas baubles! Hate seeing anything go to waste so this is an idea to make new Christmas decorations from old! Please hit the subscribe button and like if you do! Music and credit to

My first video!! Kinda just wanted to try a few things out here to see how this thing works so be kind! Only been turning a few months but already got the bug! Nice Christmas Project to start with. If you like then please hit the 'Like' button Don't forget to subscribe to follow me on my journey ...

Had a play around with Hampshire Sheen Intrinsic colours and this is what I came up with! Apologies for the poor video footage in parts, guess I'm still trying to figure this out Please help by subscribing to my channel Like (If you did) Comments are always welcome More details on my website Music is paid for and copyrighted for one track - check it out!

How to make a really boring pen blank into something worth writing with! Hit the subscribe button and don't forget to like and share! Music credit to: